Say hello to your new Wingman

We do the talking on your behalf. You go straight to the date.

Wingmen are specialised agents that talk to

people on dating apps on your behalf

You give us your Tinder Account. We get you dates with people you like.

Talking to people while dating online can get boring. We’ve got your back. Wingman does the talking for you and notifies you when we’ve met someone serious about meeting you.

Monetise your flirting skills from home by helping other people get dates from their matches.

How it works

1. Give us access to a Tinder account or let us help you make a new one

2. Tell us what types of partners you would prefer for your dates

3. Choose your preferred Wingman

4. Go on dates. Build the real connections.

60% of people believe the first conversations in online dating are a waste of time and that the first date is what actually matters